Beyond the Gender Binary (A Good Place to Be)

After following Alok V. Menon for years and years, learning from their incredible knowledge on gender and celebrating their phenomenal style and sensitive self-expression, I was thrilled to find out that they are releasing a book!

This pocket size book is probably the most dense and mighty book of its time. The clarity, the patience, the care and the love given and fuelled into this educational gem is undisputable and of so much relevance for all of us. Alok addresses and targets the most common arguments of people that doubt the legitimacy of non-binary gender expression and language.

Arguments like biology, sexuality, and science in general are carefully and patiently dismantled and dressed up in more fashionable (and contemporary) gown.

I devoured this book in one (and a half) go's, I gifted it to so many of my friends and I can't wait to see its seeds rise from the ground of scepticism, harsh defiance and violence against the LGBTQIA+ community.

Truly enlightening, educational, insightful and personal enough to allow intimate reflection on your own socialisation, your self-imposed boundaries of expression and why we are so incredibly urged to wrongfully guard our and other peoples' ideas of freedom.

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